By: Elleena Tunwer

The Solution Of His Dyslexia

Rudy has always dreamed of playing college football at the University of Notre Dame, but the problem was he lacked the money, and grades to enroll. Also everybody in his family and his friend told him he couldn't be a student at Notre Dame. In order to pay for the university he saves up money from working at a steel mill the same job his father works at. It isn't enough to pay for the university so the solution to that is he gets sponsorship from a priest. He only gets the sponsorship if he gets good grades. He enrolls in the Holy Cross College hoping to get good enough grades to transfer to Notre Dame. Rudy almost never gets good grades so his friend D-Bob tutors him in exchange for Rudy to introduce him to girls. D-Bob also helps Rudy overcome his dyslexia which he never knew he had. With their help he was able to be accepted as a student in Notre Dame on his fourth try.

His Road To Success

Ruettiger, or Rudy went to Joliet Catholic High School that's where he first played football in his high school's football team. He then graduated and spent two years in the United States Navy and worked two years in a steel mill. Rudy's best friend Pete gave a Notre Dame jacket as a birthday present to him. After that Pete died in an explosion at the steel mill and Rudy decided to continue his dream of being a football player at Notre Dame. He then joined the Holy Cross College and got a sponsorship from a priest so he could transfer to the University of Notre Dame if he got good grades. He meets his friend D-Bob who tutors him and helps with his dyslexia. After failing 3 times for his admission to the University of Notre Dame. Daniel Eugene Ruettiger finally was accepted as a student in the University of Notre Dame on his fourth try in the fall of 1974.

What Caused Ruettiger To Quit?

Ruettiger is known for being the most stubborn person. Stubborn as in he never gives up no matter if there's 100 people who tell him he should give up. So it was a surprise when Rudy gets angry and quits the football team. The cause of this is because he sees that he's not on the dress for the team's next to last game. The effect of this is the seniors lay their jerseys on Devine's desk. They were all in Rudy's defense requesting he would dress their place for the season's final game. Fortune a Notre Dame stadium groundskeeper who Rudy worked for sees him in the stadium and asks why he isn't at practice. Fortune then scolds Rudy for giving up. He then tells his story of how he quit the team because he thought he wasn't playing due to his skin color. The effect of Fortune tell this story is Rudy returns to the team. The effect of the team giving up their jerseys is Devine lets Ruettiger dress up for the game against Georgia Tech.

Not Your Stereotypical Football Player

Daniel Eugene Ruettiger wasn't the stereotypical athlete to play football. It didn't stop him from being one of the most inspirational and motivational football player. He was short around 5 feet and 6 inches and Rudy also wasn't as athletic as the players on his team either. Nobody took him seriously and most of the team didn't want him on there, but it didn't matter that Rudy was short or nonathletic what made him unique was his spirit. That's what won him the spot on the team and the acceptance of his team mates. Not because he was short or nonathletic as the others on his team it was because, no matter how many times Rudy's application for Notre Dame was denied, or how many times someone said he couldn't be a football player. Rudy persevered through the negativity and thought optimistically.