Summer Reading Project

A thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini

Character Analysis

One of the main characters and protaginst, Mariam, is first introduced to us as a young girl. A daughter to a rich buissness man and a houskeeper woman. Her Mother allowed her father to see Mariam once a week. After her mothers death, Mariam married Rasheed, an abusive man. A couple of months after the wedding Mariam discovered that she is unable to have children, this made her feel like she would never be the woman she wanted to be. Laila, Rasheeds second wife, ended up having a few children that Mariam treated as her own.


The book takes place in Afghanistan. Mariam, a daughter of a wealthy man and his housekeeper in the town of Herat. Jalil, her father, banned Nana, Mariams mother, after finding out that she was pregnant with Mariam. While growing, Nana allowed Jalil to visit Mariam every Thursday. On these visiting days Jalil would tell Mariam about the town of Herat, since she was not allowed to go to the town. When Mariam turned fifteen she decided to run away, A week later her mother commited suicide. Mariam felt guilty of her mothers death. Mariam figures out that her dad has three wives and nine biological children. Mariam meets and marries Rasheed, who later marries Laila. Laila and Rasheed have children and Mariam has no children due to the fact that she can't concieve. Late in life Mariam recalls her mother calling her a "harami" which she found out means "bastard child", this means her mother blames Mariam for her being banned from Herat.

Litarary Elements

the first litarary element is Characterzation, the authors use of description of Mariam, helps the reader to understand who and what Mariam is and goes through. it aslo helps the readers understand what is important too Mariam throughout her life. One example of characterzation is "For the first time in her life, Mariam saw how the sighting of the new cresent moon could transform an entire city, alter its rhythm and mood. (Housseini 78)." Another litearary element is setting. Knowing that the book takes place in Afghanistan helps the readers know where she's from and what people go through in different areas of the world. An example is " Up the dirt track, over rocks and pebbles, around holes and bushes, the boys took turns pushing until they reached the stream (Housseini 13)."