Come And Visit Rome!!

Rome is a great place to visit!!

Food and Drink

Come and eat our delicious food and on low reclined couches. While eating

reclined on low couches while eating sea urchin stuffed sow’s udders,boiled flamingo,and rose petals.

Law and order

Rich people normally had a better life because if punished, have to pay a fine. But poor people if punished rather have to go to jail.

Family Life

  • married as a teenager, after the wedding the guest would have a feast at the bride's father's house.


  • Quit school at age 12 to become a lawyer or a public speaker.


  • They had harp like instruments called lyres and then guitar like instruments called lutes. And a double piped instruments called aulos. Then they competed.


  • Everyone bathed in public bath houses and work up a sweat by exercising.


  • Poor people lived in top story apartments without light or water.

Country Life

  • = Most rich people lived in the country and teenagers were able to relax by a pool, ride horses, do farming, etc.

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