Unit 1- Week 2

What is Psychology Part I of 2

What is psychology questions


What was the change over the early part of the 20th century in terms of what the study of psychology is about?

Since the 1970’s how addition has been added to the study of psychology?

Give one example of an explanation of human behavior (say committing a crime like shoplifting) that a biological psychologist might use (hint: phsysiological basis for behavior)

What study of psychology ties into computer science?

If psychology is as science then it must follow a process: list the steps that must psychologist must follow-

Where can we find psychologists working?? Give a specific for each location.

What are the 2 main branches of psychology?

What are the main differences?

It’s early in the semester , but as of right now, which type if psychology would you prefer to study?

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Time you find out a little about yourself !! Take the personality quiz and in the turn in page write about your personality results. On your turn in work page .... type in whether you agree and disagree with the results and why !!
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Who are you ? Or more specifically, how you would describe your personality ?? You are going to make a personality poster which gives you the freedom to use your own pictures, pictures from the internet (think google images), drawings, poems, your own personal musings (sayings). Use as many creative options as you like to describe the kind of person you are, how you feel, how you view yourself ??

Go to smore.com

click on "try smore for free" - once your done creating your SMORE .... copy the link and paste into your assignment !!

Won't some bonus points for the week - click on someone's link and check out their SMORE .... be sure to leave a comment (something NICE) !!!!

ENJOY ..... explore the inner you !!!

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Click on the monoface link to access the Mono Website. It's a fun website where you can play around with people's faces. So ... create a face, create some type of emotion or personality type, take a screen shot and save your image .... then attach in the assignment in the Turn In page !!!
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Face perception

http://faculty.washington.edu/chudler/java/faces.htmlcheck out the page and the famous faces .... can you tell who they are ? At the bottom of the page click on memory test one and take the test. Indicate when your done how good is your face perception !!

intro questions


On the slide - types of psychology: what is the connection being made between research and applied psychology?

Make an educated guess why you think most psychologists work in college or university settings

If you were a concerned parent about the psychological development of your child … which type of psychology would you turn to?

Who made the first link between animal and human behavior?

Why do you think Wundt became the “father of psychology”?

Why do you think the iceberg is used to explain Freud’s theories?

According to Pavlov , what determines our behavior?

How does B.F. Skinner view behavior?

What is meant that behavior is hard wired into us under the neurobiological approach?

What looks like the main difference between the female and males brains?

What key word describes the behavioral approach?

Why do you think the humanistic approach is considered the most positive approach?

What controls most of our behavior according to the psychoanalytic approach?

What determines our thoughts and feelings under the cognitive approach?

Give one example under the socio-cultural approach on how YOU think society influences our behavior