CTE- Intro {Tech & Engineering}

What's Going on IN THERE?!!?

Gettin' the Grades...

I wanted to give you a heads up about your students' grade. I added 'M's for missing items today. If your student had something missing it will drop their grade. You should not be alarmed at this time for three reasons:

1. I do not have a late policy.

2. They can come in during advisory anytime for help/extra copies/work time.

3. We have time to get everything in.

If your student has lost participation points (been absent) they have many options to bring their grade up/make up lost points. They are outlined below.

ALSO- if a student is able to have someone volunteer for our Career Fair (Oct. 8th & 9th) they will receive 20 extra credit points (10 for a perspective/willing form-filled out + 10 for actual presentation). Students received the blue form at school- if you need another copy, let me know!

If your student is missing...

The Ruler Drop assignment- They can watch the clip HERE and then do the activity themselves at home. They will need to drop a ruler five (5) times- I want them to note if their reaction got better or not AND I want them to record (via measurement) where on the ruler they grabbed. (This is a fun way to practice identifying lines on a ruler.)

The Scale, Blank or Orthographic Activities- They can come into class during advisory and complete these WITH instruction from me. The Scale assignment also has options for extra-credit.

The Vocab Pretest- They can come in during advisory to take it- I have plenty of extra copies! They can also take this one home- if it's brought back quickly (its part of our department evaluation).

Scopin' out Sketch-up

We started introductions to a program called Sketchup. It is put out by Google and it a wonderfully simple 3-D rendering program your student can download for free (with your permission, of course!).

We will be working with this program a lot more in the future- designing houses and other structures for 3-D printing.

Construction, Design & Structure

We were able to discuss the four (4) main types of construction- ask your student- I'd love to know if they remembered! Then with 1 piece of paper, 2 index cards an 1- 18" piece of masking tape they had to build a structure that would hold as many text books as possible. Ask your student what structures were the most successful in their class.