ON The Oregon Trail

By Anna Maldonado

The Oregon trail was one of the most main trails used.

The Oregon trail was 2,000 miles (3,200 kilometers). More than 50,000 people used the Oregon Trail in 1841 and 1860. They began in Independence Missouri they traveled in a covered wagon for about 6 mouths. People today still see the deeply rutted road cut by the wagon wheels along the trail.

The first people to travel on the Oregon Trail.

Fur Traders and Explores were the first people to trace the Oregon Trail. People like Lewis and Clark were just some of the first people to discover the Oregon Trail. Along the way Lewis and Clark also had help from Sacajawea. The first group of settlers had about 900 people in 1843 traveling the Oregon Trail.

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Life on the Trail.

There were people like doctors,veterinarians,farmers and bankers on the Oregon Trail. Most of these people had to bring their kids along the trail this was sometimes a hassle. Pioneers would often run into trouble along the way like getting a sickness or getting injured. The animals would often die or be very stubborn. Often the wagon train would have a break down and have to stop then lots of people would get lost.

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