Week of November 16th-19th

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~Can you believe we are 5 days away from Thanksgiving break? It's going to be a busy week, so make sure you read all the way through the newsletter to know what all is taking place!! FIVE MORE DAYS...YOU ALL CAN MAKE IT!! :)

~ I am looking for some volunteers to Skype with Eagle Mountain teachers/students about the vocabulary words! We are needing volunteers for the week of December 8th. If you would be willing, let me know! The kids would love this opportunity, and it's a great way to tie in the digital learning. Send me your name, and I will get you the information you need!

~ We will be getting a new copier in the copy room that is bigger, faster and HOPEFULLY will not break down NEAR AS OFTEN! They are coming on Thursday to start the install process and will be working on it through Friday. That being said, please get all your big jobs and copying in so that Lilly can have it completed Wednesday. Do not plan on using the copier on Thursday or Friday. If we get it installed and up and running sooner, we will let you know!

~ Our CIR Cohorts are this week. We will have 6 teachers participating on Wednesday morning and 6 other teachers participating on Friday morning. We will be walking through classrooms, looking for factual information on what the students are doing. Remember, this is NOT evaluative. If you are a teacher who values feedback and would like us to come visit, let me know. I can't promise we will make it to your room, but we can try. We would love to get into every grade level and multiple classrooms over the two days! We are looking forward to learning and growing from each other!

~ Dr. Chadwell will be here on Thursday at 2:00. Since this is at the end of the day, I don't know how many classrooms we will go in to, but we will be walking around and visiting with students.

~ Please let me know when your next grade level planning time/PLC will be. I have some information to give you regarding iStation. Thanks!

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~ We will have a meeting on Tuesday at 3:00 in the library. Texas PTA will be here to do a presentation on bullying. This is face-to-face training that is required, so all staff should try hard to attend.

~ CPAC members will meet on Wednesday at 3:00 to discuss details about Literacy Night that will take place on December 8th. This is an event that we are hoping will be heavily attended and a lot of fun for our families. We are asking families to bring unwrapped toys or donations that will be donated to Community Link! There will also be Santa pictures that they can purchase for $5. All proceeds will be used for our clubs for the spring semester.

~ This Thursday is our Thanksgiving feast during lunch. We had about 315 RSVP's, so it will be a fun but crazy day! There will be a separate table set up for our visitors. Please have your students go through the line normally, and any family members will use the serving line that will be set up on the side. Please know that delays might happen, but we will do our best to adhere to the regular schedule!

~ We have a PTA meeting and 2nd grade program on Thursday night. Please have at least one representative from each grade level attend. This is our first program of the year, so we want to come out and support Vicki and our 2nd graders!!

~ Make sure you are meeting with your grade level teams and for the ELL reviews. This is when you are looking at your students' TELPAS scores from last year and the PLD (Proficiency Level Descriptors) to discuss where you feel your students are currently at and the steps you can take in your instruction in order to help them to continuously move up. Please let me know when your meeting will take place. Thank you to 2nd grade and 5th grade for already letting me know!

~ Just a reminder that we have a spirit rally this week (no clubs), so I will need your Elk of the Month name by Thursday, so we can announce on Friday!

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Words of the Week

Our new words for the week are:

Kg: RAMBUNCTIOUS: wild, disorderly, boisterous

1st: TIMID: shy

2nd: TENACIOUS: stubborn or persistent

3rd: RIDICULOUS: absurd

4th: EXEMPLARY: nearly perfect, a good example

5th: DEMOCRACY: ruled by the people

Here is a link to the vocabulary S'more that has online practice for the words. There are Quizlet practice sets that include both basic as well as challenging. These are already done for you, so all you have to do is get the students to click the link!

Tell your students about the "Word Up Levels"

I have heard several of you tell me that your students are using the words in sentences and in conversation! Start filling out those "word up" level forms! We have the spirit sticks and are ready to start giving them out!! I know we have some "vocabers" who are ready to earn that title. I will also announce during the announcements as well, like we do for Faast Math certificates. So, start filling those out so we can hand some out this week! Who will be first to get it?? :)

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Tuesday, November 17th: Staff Meeting @ 3:00- Bullying Presentation

Wednesday, November 18th: CIR Campus Cohort (Day 1) 7:30-11:30

CPAC meeting at 3:00 about Literacy Night

Thursday, November 19th @ 2:00- Dr. Chadwell here for visit

Thursday, November 19th: PTA Meeting/2nd Grade Program @ 6:00

Friday, November 20th: CIR Campus Cohort (Day 2) 7:30-11:30

Spirit Rally @ 1:50


Tuesday, December 1st: Kori off campus all day at training

Monday, December 7th: Staff Meeting @ 3:00- PBIS/CHAMPS review

Tuesday, December 8th: Literacy Night/Hoofbeats Performance: 5:30-7:30

Thursday, December 10th: 5th grade has presentation from Texas Wildlife Assoc.

Friday, December 11th: Last session of Clubs for this rotation. We will have another sign up and rotation beginning in January.

Thursday, December 17th: Spirit Rally at 1:50 (this is because we have parties and early release on Friday)

Friday, December 18th: Holiday Parties @ 10:50/11:00

Early Release @ 11:40

CHRISTMAS BREAK: Dec. 21st- Jan.1st! Return to school on Monday, January 4th.

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