Aron Ralston

His Story

How It Started

In 2003, Aron Ralston went mountain climbing in the Grand Canyon. When this happened, something terrible a cured ...He got his arm stuck in a cave between a wall and a boulder. How Did This Happen. He was climbing and then he fell and a boulder came and landed on his arm. He was stuck there for 127 hours, hungry, drinking his own yuan to survive. One day, he decided to cut his arm off. When he got done cutting his arm off, he covered his arm with a rag and got out and looked for help. Luckily, he found other people walking and ran to him as fast as they could and saved him. Gave him water , and food and took him to the hospitable and he survived.

Now, he still loves to mountain climb, he gets interviewed a lot, and lives a happy life with one arm and still acts live a normal person, but with one arm.