Infographic regarding statistics and geography of Iceland

Geographic information

  • Regions: Reykjavik, South Iceland, Westman Islands, West Iceland, East Iceland, West Fjords, North Iceland and Highlands.
  • Square miles: 39,769 mi
  • Climate: Semi-Warm in the summer and very cold in the winter
  • Arable land: 1.23%
  • Capital City: Reykjavik
  • Three largest cities: Reykjavik, Kopavogur, and Hafnarfjorour

Demographic Informaion

  • Population: 317,351
  • Growth Rate: .65%
  • Percentage Urbanized: 1.27%
  • Life expectancy with World Rank: 81.22 years with a rank of 20
  • AIDS rate with World Rank: .3% world ranking of 85
  • Literacy Rate: 99%
  • Languages: Icelandic, English,German, other

-Iceland is around the size of Ohio

Cultural Information

  1. Customs and Traditions: They have the twelfth night which is iceland marked last day of Christmas.

  2. Food: Lots of fish and dairy products are eaten in Iceland

  3. Clothing: Wool socks and clothing, parkas, and the typical mittens, hats and boots

  4. Housing: Turf houses is the traditional housing in iceland that creates great insulation from the cold

  5. Recreation: handball, football, basketball, golf, volleyball, tennis, swimming, and chess

  6. Religion: Evangelical Lutheran makes up more than half of the population with Roman Catholic following

Political information

  1. Type of Government: Constitutional Republic

  2. Freedom House Political Rights Score: 1

  3. Civil Rights Score: 1

  4. Press Freedom (Free, Partially Free, Not Free): Free

  5. Corruption Perception Index with World Rank: 12

  6. Domestic/Regional Conflicts: NA

Economic information

  1. GDP with World Rank: 28% with ranking of 153

  2. Labor = 5.8% agriculture, 20.9% industry, 73.3% services:

  3. Unemployment: 3.8%

  4. % Below Poverty Line: 0%

  5. Happy Planet Index with World Rank: 40.2 with a ranking of 88