Welcome To Lineville

By Ethan Michels

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Are you worried about your first year at Lineville, well I'll give you some basic information that will make you more comfortable


At Lineville there are three music choices, choir, band and orchestra.


First of all there is choir. The teacher is Ms. Doelger. I also know that in choir you sing.


In Orchestra the teacher is Mrs. Nowak. In orchestra you play string instruments.


The last music choice is band. Sorry I was not able to say much about the other choices because I'm in band. But anyway the band teacher is Mr. Zipperer. In band you do lots of stuff like, play your instruments and do music Olympics. This is one of Many changes from your old school to Lineville.


At Lineville there are punishments for doing something bad and incentives for being good.


So if you are bad or forget your homework you get a minor but that is if you had minor behavior but there is also a major which is a major action that you will get in big trouble for. You can also get a major by getting three minors for the same thing like forgetting your homework three times. When you forget your homework and you get a minor you have to go to noon that is when you take your lunch to a teacher's classroom to finish your homework. If noon isn't enough and you still don't get your homework done you have to go to mash which is after school. M.A.S.H stands for mandatory after school study hall.


But the good part is you can have good incentives like an all school incentive which you work together as a whole school prize or a house incentive when you try to earn a personal prize. Also if you are good you can earn acknowledgement tickets at your school every 30 cards you earn you get a prize. Earning an acknowledgment is easy you basicly just have to do what's in the video. But at Lineville there are good and bad things it's all about how safe, respectful and responsible you are.


At Lineville I bet most of you fourth graders are worried about lockers and I will help you Learn how to open your locker.


First of all they are pretty easy to catch on to if you know your combination. Now I'm going to tell you how to open a locker. First you spin the numbers until you hit zero then you go right to the first number then left to the next number then right to the last number then pull down and your locker will be open.

Passing Time

There is also passing time at Lineville. Passing time is when you have four minutes between each class. Those four minutes are used for getting stuff out of lockers and getting into your classroom. But always remember be as quiet as you can because there are 12 other houses on different schedules than us. I really hope this makes your experience at Lineville more enjoyable!


At Lineville lunch is a lot different than what you had at your old school. First of all there are three choices, cold lunch, district lunch and commons lunch.


District food is like your old school like the food that you have a calendar for. Like when you get served the food. This is also served in the hallway and you walk to the lunchroom from there.


Commons meal is a lot different they have multiple choices. This is in the lunch room and you can just go straight to your tables. You can get al a carte (I know it sounds French but it's nothing fancy) but it is just extra food that costs more like chips, cookies, snapple and a lot more I'm not going to list everything. But you can get this in commons and district meals.


This is also a big change from your old school. You can sit wherever you want except it is 8 people to each table. You can also move a chair if there is only seven at your table and nine at another. At Lineville lunch is different than your old school.


Lineville gym is a lot different than elementary school gym. First of all you have to change into gym clothes.


In Lineville you have to change. The rules are you can not wear what you wore to school. You also have an assigned locker. When you are done changing you run into the gym and put on your step pedometer. Then after gym you go in, put your school clothes on and go to class.


In gym you do different units like dare, archery and swimming. There is also different kinds of tests like you do a physical test where you are moving and you also do iPad tests where you take the test on your iPad and submitted it through schoology. Gym may seen overwhelming but it gets so easy after a few classes.


I really hope this information can help make your Lineville experience more enjoyable. Also don't worry it'll be easy. Now good luck and GO ROADRUNNERS!
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Here is the Lineville website to see more things about Lineville that I havent

listed http://www.hssd.k12.wi.us/#!lineville/c16fn