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Canadian Concerns

Aboriginal Affairs

Aboriginal Affairs is one area the federal government oversees. Historically, Canada has a bad history with the way we have treated our First Nations and Metis people. One such aspect is where they live. Many Aboriginal reserves do not have the resources or money that it would take to raise their standard of living. Some of these reserves are even known to be at the living standards of third-world countries. A study also showed that 51% of all Aboriginal children were poor. These are major issues this group grapples with as our government does not fund these reserves sufficiently in order to let them live comfortably, safely and with adequate resources, facilities and education. With proper regulation and funding, these issues can be easily solved. We as Canadians, must learn to look out for those who inhabited the land before us and to treat them with equality and respect. This is an issue that the federal government looks after however, seems to get no attention at all. With the right funding, support and awareness, First Nations people would and should receive the social and financial justice they deserve.


Labour concerns is one area that that the federal government must take many more precautions in order to ensure complete safety in the work place. Construction is an area that has one of the most safety hazards. Construction workers are often unaware of their unsafe working conditions and environment and as a result, many injuries result due to the lack of safety measures or labour laws that need to be put and enforced in the work place. Our government must go to greater lengths to ensure the complete safety of our labour workers. There must be more laws put into place that make the areas people are working completely safe before entering. Whether this means more money devoted toward developing safer working conditions or more time spent in developing specific safety codes, conditions need to be created in which we ensure complete safety of all workers.

Veteran Affairs

The way we treat our veterans is an issue that needs more awareness in Canada. We have a social and moral responsibility to our war veterans to maintain their dignity given the sacrifices and contributions they made to this country. It seems unjust that war veterans have to go out of their way to repeatedly prove their physical challenges or handicaps and risk losing the benefits they have already taken time to prove. It makes no sense that our war veterans who already face many challenges have to go out of their way to prove the same thing year after year. The demands placed on them to prove their disability time and time again and to face the possibility of losing benefits that have already been granted to them seems insanely unjust and shows nothing but disrespect with a group of people who wholeheartedly deserve to have their dignity maintained.


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By: Lucas Turco