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The single point of access to all the mobility solitions in your city

Decide where to go and your mobility preferences, SUM will give you the best solution available in your city.

What is SUM

SUM will change the way people move in a city by linking shared vehicles and even chauffeured cars under a single membership. Simply by opening SUM’s mobile application, users will be able to book the transit mode of their choice, which is nearest to their current position and be on the way instantly. In case there is a faster option to reach the target destination by public transport or combined, SUM’s app will let them choose the preferred one.

SUM operates as a membership-based service, so users do not need to worry about costs of ownership, insurance, parking, maintenance etc. Instead of thinking how and what, the only question they need to worry about is where to go.

How does it work:

What's next?

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