Leprechaun Trap

Science Project

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How am I going to catch a leprechaun?


I think that if I build a leprechaun trap with a trap door in the top, then the leprechaun will fall into it when he goes for the gold and won't be able to get out.


First, I wrapped my box in brown wrapping paper. Then, I drew 4 windows and 2 doors to make it look like a building. Next, I built the ladder and glued it on the box. Fourth, I built my trap on the roof of the building by cutting a hole in the box but covering it with paper. After that, I made my pot and put fake gold in it. Last, I made a rainbow to put on top of my gold to attract the leprechaun.


I set my trap out on the night of the 16th, and early St. Patrick's Day morning I had caught a leprechaun. I had to let him go to bring my trap to school.


The box was the perfect size. All in all things worked out O.K. to catch the leprechaun. I hope that next year we get to do it again.