Occupational Course Study

On December 5 2014, at T. Wingate Andrews, I interviewed Ms. Bennett about the OCS program. The program is to help kids that don't plan to go to college understand different life skills by getting hours and getting work experience.

Just like any other program, OCS (occupational course study) is made to keep the kids active and educated. You can start the program your freshmen year and stay in it until you graduate from high school. It’s to help kids who don’t plan on going to a four year college, for a degree in a career that they will later realize is not so much what they dreamed of their entire high school experience. The program helps provide a high school diploma and the skills for a paid job once they leave high school. The Occupational Course Study program has done everything from hot dog stands, coffee shops for the staff (we actually peeped this event) , hot chocolate and waffles, to chicken and waffles just to raise money for the program. Ms. Bennett said that the program uses the money for products that they need to provide the delicious foods that they make; they use the money for field trips that they go on within the program, this year they actually went to the universal sole cirrus. The actual feed back she has gotten from the buyers is positive, “They keep coming back so I’m guessing it is good” Ms. Bennett said with a slight chuckle during the interview. I hope this encourages every current ninth grader to jump in, on the opportunity to join this wonderful program.


Frank and Louie was a cat that possessed two near-separate faces due to a very rare congenital condition known as diprosopia. The fascinating feline shared two functioning eyes a central eye which was blind, two noses, two mouths and one brain.

Janus cats rarely survive more than a day following their birth. The term 'Janus' is a reference to the Roman god usually depicted as having two faces in mythology.

In autumn 2011 Guinness World Records was contacted by Marty Stevens, Frank and Louie's owner, who revealed that he was still alive and in good health, and in September 2011 he celebrated his twelfth birthday! As a kitten, he required a lot of care and attention and was fed every two hours with special kitten formula.

Marty owner of the cat says that his cat actually grew up in a shoebox. She actually was working as a vet nurse at the time that she adopted the cat who had been brought in to her surgery. "He went to work with me every day for the first three months of his life."

Eventually Frank and Louie became strong enough to play with the other cats and became special friends with the family dog. He was even taken out on a leash for walks in the neighborhood. Sadly, at the respectable age of 15, Frank and Louie fell ill and were euthanized after suffering from what veterinarians suspected was really bad cancer.

Having such uniqueness and characters Frank and Louie were lucky to live such a life for 15 years.

More than Ferguson (POLICE STRIKE AGAIN)

Eric Garner an African American man was chocked to death outside of a local store. It was said that he was being arrested for selling loose cigarettes outside the store but the video recorder says other wise. Garner was known to be breaking up a fight and then was approached by the officer.

"I can't breathe! I can't breathe!" Seems to be that new trend sense the homicide happened. It was said that those where the words that Garner said repeatedly, his cries muffled into the pavement as his face was forced down by the officer.

according to CNN news, "The video of the Thursday skirmish shows the Staten Island man lying on the ground motionless after the incident. An asthmatic, Garner was later declared dead at a nearby hospital. Police said he suffered a heart attack and died in route to the hospital."

Officials and evidence says that he was actually dead at the sight before the paramedics even showed up. Watching the video you can see that Eric Garner was wrestled to the ground in a head lock position pleading he that he couldn’t breathe and then had his face pushed into the cement to get the cuffs on him, when it was obvious that he was restrained. He then had a seizure, heart attack and died. If watching that video you can see that his diaphragm was not moving in an up-down position. When rolled over on his back Garners eyes were rolled into the back of his head; the police and paramedics continued to talk to him as though he was not conscious.

All over the U.S people are seeing a reckless disappointment in the actions of police everywhere. Protest are being made for this and outhit police violence , from everything from T-shirts, posters, silence protest with just their hands up as a symbol of “don’t shoot”, even down to riots and breaking into places setting fire to the community.

NYPD Publicly Executes Eric Garner For Illegal Cigarettes