Can You Grow Up?

By: Paige Rolling

Can You Grow Up?

Once upon a time, a very long time ago. There was a little Indian girl. Her name was Little Big Bird. She lived in the Bird tribe. When she was little no one saw her as an important member of the tribe. They also have some responsibilities. I would not say that she likes her responsibilities.
Little Big Bird was 10 years old, and in this tribe when you turn 10 it is the year that the kid turns into an adult. The kid does not go to live on their own. The kid gets a little more respect than they got befor. Little Big Bird knew that she would get some more respect and that she would get that tomorrow. I’ll tell you more about her special day.
“Time to get up!” Little Big Bird’s mom, Birdy, yelled at Little Big Bird. Then Little Big Bird got up. “Do I have to get up?” Little Big Bird asked. “Yes! I want you to get up so you can start all of your responsibilities. You have to start take responsibilities now that you are older. You don’t just get more respect. Is that what you thought?” Birdy asked. “I’m sorry, but thats what I thought,” Little Big Bird said. “Well, you have to get to work and help the village, so get up and go to your grandmother to help her grind corn,” Birdy ordered Little Big Bird.
Then Little Big Bird got up and went to her grandmother to help grind corn. She walked across the garden to the field to grind corn. When she got over to her grandmother her grandmother taught Little Big Bird how to grind the corn.
After they were done Little Big Bird had to help her mom cook. When she walked into their cooking tepee her mom was sitting beside the fire getting the pot ready. Then Little Big Bird sat down beside her mother. Her mom said, “I am glad you are here now, because I was just getting started. You can start by slicing the potatoes.” Little Big Bird just sat there. “Now girl!” Birdy yelled at Little Big Bird. Then she started slicing the potatoes. After she was done she had to slice the steak. After she did that she sliced the tomatoes. Then she had to put it all in the pot. After that her mom said, “Put all of the food in the pot.” Then she was done.
When she was walking back to her room to go to bed the only thing Little Big Bird was thinking of was how she missed being a kid.
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This Bird reminds me of the grandma in this book. She has a big mouth.

Can You grow up?

Can You Grow Up?

A Play By: Paige Rolling

Narrator: Once upon a time.... Far off into the forest of birdland lived a native american tribe called the Bird tribe. In the tribe lived Little Big Bird. She is going to turn 10 on this day. When a kid turns 10 they get more respect and have more responsibilities. I will tell you how her day turns out.
Scene 1
Setting: Little Big Bird's room
(she is laying on blankets as her bed.)
(her mom walks in)

birdy: get up!!! You need to help the tribe. Today you will just learn how to do thing in the tribe. Now get up.

Narrator: Little Big Bird’s mom’s name is Birdy.

Little Big Bird: Do I have to work?

Birdy: Well, growing up is not just about getting respect.

Little Big Bird: Well, I really thought that I just got respect.

Birdy: Get up!! Now go to the village and help your grandmother with grinding corn.

Little Big Bird: Does it have to be grandma? Why can’t it be dad or someone else.

Birdy: I know grandma has some problems, but you have to do it with her. There is nobody else that can do it.

Little Big Bird: Nobody wants to do it with her.

Birdy: Just go.( Little Big Bird gets up slowly.)

Birdy: Now!

Scene 2
Setting: The Village
(The grandmother is sitting on the ground grinding corn with a piece of wood and a stone There is another wood and stone next to her.)
(The grandmother pats her hand on the ground telling Little Big Bird to sit.)
(Little Big Bird sits.)

Little Big Bird: Hi grandma.

Grandma: Hello Bird. Now grind corn.

(Little Big Bird starts grinding corn slowly.)

Grandma: Faster!!!

(Little Big Bird Starts grinding corn very fastly and uncomfortably.)

(Birdy comes in.)

Birdy: Mother! Stop pressuring her. It’s only her first day!

(Little Big bird grinds the corn slowly.)

(Birdy walks away.)

(The grandma grinds the corn slowly too.)

Grandma: Faster!!!

(Little Big Bird starts grinding the corn fast again.)

Scene 3
Setting: The cooking tepee

The actors do the things that the narrator says that they do while the narrator is saying it.

Narrator: After 2 hard hours of grinding corn Birdy comes to get Little Big Bird, so they can cook super. While they are cooking super Little Big Bird goes through so many potatoes and steak that she had to sit in the corner. I know that they are supposed to get more respect, but on their first day they do not get very much respect. After they were done they walked back to their long house. They all went to sleep.

(Little Big Bird is laying in her bed.)

Little Big Bird: It is hard to grow up.

The End