Meat & Potatoes

October 17 - October 21

Up & Coming Events

*Box Top Collection Week*

Monday - Chili Cook Off

Tuesday - PTO Meeting @ Noon

Wednesday - AVID College Shirt Day, Yoga Club

Friday - AVID Field Trip

Chili Cook Off

All entries for the cook off need to be brought to the library by the end of 2nd period. Judging will take place during "A" Lunch with the winner being announced at the end of the day.

Social Committee Dues

Oakwood, you all are amazing!! 70% of the campus has paid their dues for social committee. This is a great turn out and we are appreciative of the support. The money is being used for great causes such as a gift for Mr Symank's daughter, a card of well wishes for Linda Clark's husband, a gift for Mr. Avila's sweet baby girl, and we have thanked both the custodial and cafeteria staff for their hard work by providing an appreciation lunch from Jason's Deli. And we have just begun!!

Due to the number of people who have asked about dues this week (and Mrs. Gallagher's persistence with Mr. Symank), the decision has been made to extend the deadline for the opportunity to wear jeans. If you pay your dues by noon on Friday, you will be included in the week of jeans next week!!

Box Top Spirit Challenge!

Next week, we will have a SPIRIT CHALLENGE to see which TEAM can collect the most box tops. Whichever team wins, will win a PIZZA PARTY!
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Word Walls

Lots of great things are happening with word wall plans across campus. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are making your plans:

  1. Keep it simple-It can easily be integrated with what you are already doing. Here are some examples that are already in the works here at Oakwood:

    • While making flashcards for your vocabulary words for a new unit, have students decide or vote on the most important words from the unit to add to the word wall. Have them work in groups to create a visual and kid friendly definition after finishing note cards.

    • Already using interactive flashcards in the classroom? Great! Just have your students illustrate and add their own definitions to a word wall after the conclusion of the activity.

    • During a read aloud, if your students struggle on a word’s meaning, discuss and have a student illustrate for the word wall.

  2. Use the words frequently. You are probably already doing this with your academic vocabulary. Now, it’s all about posting it for student reference.

3. Ask for help if you need help getting started.

Dunking Booth

If you're interested, willing, or just plain foolish enough to jump into a dunking booth in October, please sign-up here. If all the slots are full and you really want to participate, email and I will work something out. I will be building these into our announcements to build some excitement with the students.
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Levels of Inquiry

A great way to spark student questions is to ask "What are you wondering?"

There are resources in the OWTIF for bump your questions up to the next level. Check out Levels of Thinking and Costas Levels of Questioning.

Honor Roll Pictures

Tomorrow, during 1st period, we will make an announcement for all A honor roll students to be dismissed to the rotunda to have their pictures taken. Mrs. Zumwalt has shared the list with specific 1st period teachers and I have linked it here. We will take one picture for 5th grade and one picture for 6th grade.

Locker Clean Out

Please take the time tomorrow during your Success to have students clean out their lockers. I opened a locker today and found a molded coffee from Starbucks. Extra trash cans will be available in the hallways.

Counselor's Corner

Next week we will have lessons in PE covering Goal Setting and Red Ribbon Week - making healthy choices. This will be a great preview to the SELT lessons for Goal Setting. Then in November we will continue goal setting with a focus on careers.

Thank you teams for meeting with us to discuss students. We will continue to assist you and these students throughout the year.

Door Decorating contest: We will have guest judges on Monday, October 24. Please have your Success class decorate your door with the You Only Live Once Theme YOLO. We will mention this contest in the counselor lesson and a slide on the announcements.


Please remember to use the Content Mastery calendar when sending students to CM. It is an important tool that is used not only for communication purposes but also for data collection when discussing students needs. Continue to send students to CM with a pass. The CM pass should indicate the students accommodations.

If you ever have any questions or concerns about a students accommodations, please communicate this to the case managers.

Thank you for helping our students be successful!

Rocco's corner

We must share one thing that was shared with us for our compliance with our district-wide safety guidelines:

All teachers (including SPED) please leave all of the windows in your classroom doors at least open to view at the top, so we can peak in. If there is an emergency situation that calls for privacy to protect a student at that moment then please close it all the way, temporarily.

Understanding Social Mobility

Please take a brief moment to watch this short video below over social mobility. This video discusses the wealth gaps in America and the different factors that can contribute to a person's ability to move up the ladder. This certainly applies to several of our families.
Is America Dreaming?: Understanding Social Mobility

Behavior Tip of the Week:

Last week we discussed the importance of utilizing empathic listening with our students.

The 5 keys were:

1) Be nonjudgmental

2) Give your undivided attention

3) Listen carefully - focus on feelings or facts

4) Allow silence for reflection

5) Restate and paraphrase

Most times, when we have a student with chronic misbehavior, we have frequent contact with the families of the student. These relationships are often tough on teachers as well as on families. The article HERE gives ideas on how to build an empathic relationship with the parents of your most challenging students. Read the Edutopia article and click HERE to reflect on one of the strategies you tried this week.

Responses received by Wednesday at noon will be rewarded!

Fall Fest

All needed supplies for Fall Festival need to be loaded on the google doc:

If the supplies, how much candy, etc. isn't listed you won't be receiving any. If you plan to spend cash for supplies, make sure it is listed on the document.

Veteran's Day Assembly November 11 Afternoon Assembly

Reps will be encouraging students to participate in art contest, writing contest and Wall of Honor. Some students will be making a video for the occasion.

More information to come later.

Enrollment Numbers

Oakwood - 918

Cypress - 1010

AMCMS - 907

CSMS - 994

Bus Duty

The Panthers are the team required to send two teachers (with their team's radio) to the bus loop each day this week at 4:00.

Duty Assignments

All duty assignments have been updated and posted in the Admin Folder within the OWTIF. Be sure to know your duty station and to be on time at 7:45! Click here for the AM/PM Duty Roster and here for the Lunch Duty Roster.

Red Ribbon Week October 24 - 28

Red Ribbon Week October 24 - 28

Door decorating with YOLO theme should be completed by Friday, October 21 at 3:50 to be eligible.

Art Contest entries due Wednesday, October 19th. Late posters accepted, but not eligible for prizes.

  1. MONDAY - Drugs are Crazy (Crazy Hair/Dress Up Day)

  2. TUESDAY - Themes are My future is BRIGHT, no drugs in sight (neon day)

  3. WEDNESDAY - Friends Don't Let Friends Do Drugs (Twin Day)

  4. THURSDAY - We Declare a War on Drugs (Team Color War Day)

Bulldogs - Red Huskies - maroon
Tigers - white Panthers - black
Falcons - blue Eagles - green
Owls - orange Wolverines - navy blue

  1. FRIDAY - YOLO What Do You Want To Be? (Future Career Day)

Spirit Day - Participation Reward