The Importance of Gold in India

India's love affair with gold

Why Gold?

Gold is a portable and easy to convert into money at any time. That is one of the main reasons why Indians use gold. Gold is taken with them in case of emergencies, the good news is, because it is so portable, anyone can take it with them wherever they go. If there is an emergency, gold can be easily converted into money and is often used as a currency itself.

Status Symbol

While to some, gold may look like a decorative object, to others it declares your wealth. In India, gold is a must for higher class. The amount of gold someone is wearing shows how rich they are. At weddings, everyone wears gold and shows off their wealth over others.

Gifts, Heirlooms, and Religion

Gold is considered a good gift because it is considered precious in most countries across the world. Gold jewellery is given as gifts for many occasions such as weddings and festivals. Often gold is passed down from generation to generation through the years. Many family heirlooms are made of gold and very special. Gold is he symbol of the Hindu goddess Lakshmi. Gold is presented at festivals as a type of offering. Gold is often gifted as jewellery, however toe rings may never be made of gold. Gold represents the goddess of wealth and should never touch human feet.