Why oil is a :

Point source of pollution

  • Oil spills
  • industrial waste
  • wastewater from company's with toxic waste

Non-point source of pollution

  • Motor oil
  • street runoff
  • a towns wastewater in general

How Does Oil Impact Marine Life ?

  • Oil Destroys their outside shell on furry animals
  • Oil Destroys the water-repelling part of a birds feathers, it exposes them to dangerous elements
  • Many birds ingest oil when they are cleaning themselves which can be deadly
  • Without the ability to repel water and keep them warm in the cold water, the mammals will get hypothermia


Big Spills - 37 million gallons a year

  • About 5% of oil pollution in oceans is from major tanker accidents, but one big spill can ruin sea and shore life for miles.
Routine Maintenance -137 million gallons a year

  • Every year ship operations release millions of gallons of oil into navigable water just by running their boats.

Down The Drain - 363 million gallons a year

  • A lot of oil in runoff from drains end up in the ocean. One contaminate in the water can effect a million gallons of water.

Up In Smoke - 92 million gallons a year

  • Air pollution from cars and factories releases hundreds of tons of hydrocarbons into the oceans each year. They stay in the air until the rain washes the hydrocarbons into the ocean.
Offshore Drilling - 15 million gallons a year

  • Offshore oil drilling can cause ocean oil pollution from spills and discharges from ships.
Natural Seeps - 62 million gallons a year

  • Some ocean oil pollution is just natural. It comes from seepage from the bottom of the ocean and from sedimentary rocks eroding to release oil.


navigable - water that is able to be sailed on by ship and boats

hydrocarbon - any chemical compound that includes only carbon and hydrogen