Thesis 1 : What sort of training do you need for Nursing

You must have four years of schooling, you must keep a 70% in every class. If you do not will be kick out of the program. You must take a class that shows you how to measure preskritped drugs for painents. When finish schooling for this profession you can roughly make 60,000$ yearly salary. With this job you can always go back to schooling to increase you knowledge in this field and also by going to school you can make more money!!!!

Thesis 2 : Reasons of why I want to become a nurse

The medical field is always growing, and people will always need medical assistants. Really its just an overall good profession to go into; jobs are in high demand. And the benefits are great you get free dentail and free health care. I think I would make a good nurse as well people say I care about more than I for myself. Nurse are what make up the hospital because they're the back bone of the medical world.

Thesis 3 : The Life as a Nurse

The life of a nurse starts very early and begins a day of stress. Nurses hardly ever over see a patient that is every sick, its usually the patients that the doctors don't want to deal with. They work constantly throughout the day only taking a lunch break. Nurse shifts end roughly around six p.m and begins all over again.


To become a nurse you must take four year of schooling, you have a 70% in every class that you are required to take. If you do fail with under a 70% in any of the classes you will be kick out of the program. With nursing as a profession you can always advace with more schooling two more years and you could be making 100,000 4 dollars a year. That is other reason I would very much like to join the medical field. Nursing is all about helping people and thats what Im about, some of my friends say that I care more about others than myself.

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