Spoil Alert - Have you seen Frozen?

By: Jessica Galvan

At the start of the movie, Elsa and Anna get mad at each other so Elsa runs away from Arandelle. At the ceremony of crowning Elsa queen she heard her sister was going to get married and Elsa got so mad she ran off! Arandelle turned into a snowing kingdom. Anna went to find her. Anna went after Elsa and on her way she found a guy named Kristof and his moose Sven. Anna got on his sled and they both went looking for Elsa. A little later they lost their sled so they began to walk. On their way they found a snowman called Olaf. They found Elsa but she told them to go away (Elsa zapped Anna in the heart). The person who wanted to get married with Anna had to keep Anna warm or she would freeze to death. He had to kiss her but he said that he didn't really like her that he just wanted to be king. Anna froze but Elsa hugged Anna and she unfroze. Elsa turned Arandelle into summer but Olaf didn't melt. Everyone lived happily ever after.