Etwinning Project

Let's find the murderer!

Mr Villaroy was killed!

This E-twinning project between two schools who have already worked together is about crime and enquiries.

Both schools will have to work collaboratively together to find who has killed Mr Villaroy.

In this project, italian and French pupils will be invested of a policeman job or expert job, that is to say, they will have to find clues and discover who killed Mr Villaroy.

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The objectives of this project are varied:

- Develop communication skills in a foreign language and learn how to connect on a virtual world through the thematic of an enquiry
- Solve together and collaboratively a mystery, helping each other and sharing information about the murder.
- Improve ICT skills by using different softwares
- Improve mutual comprehension and knowledge between European countries in order to overcome stereotypes and learn to be tolerant.
- Encourage pupils to know each other and why not becoming friends

► In a virtual learning environment, that is the etwinning platform, pupils learn how to work together and the differents means of sharing information: asking questions, police report and suggesting the need to talk or chat together . They practice their communication skills (written as well as oral) and ICT skills at the same time. They also enhance their intercultural knowledge and European cooperation with students from a different country.


- Chiara Sabatini and 19 students from Isitituto Comprensivo "B.Brin"- Italy
- Caroline Bourgetel and 10 students from Jean Rostand School - France

all aged 12 to 14

Working Calendar

The teachers have already spoken and prepared the enquiry and have shared to work so that we really need the other country to know more about the enquiry. We have thought the project thinking of creating a NEED / HELP for each activity. We will only be able to continue the enquiry if each school makes its job in solving the murder. Just like the police works together, our schools will need to share information on the twinspace
in each school some pupils will be in charge of taking the photos, some will have to write reports, others do analysis, record suspects interview) etc ...

January- Create an avatar of pupils as a police officer and create a guess who
February -
Crime scene description, reconstruction and photos
March -
Discovery of the victim and the suspect's files (Miss Studrige, Mrs Villaroy, William Smith, Mr Pitt, the mayor) + interviews of suspects and deductions
Analysis conclusions (footprints, fingerprints, blood, DNA)
April -
Identikit of the suspect, identification.
Newspaper reading and discussions/ deductions by chat to understand the reason of the murder.
May -
short evaluation of the project