Mercury Pollution Coming To You?

Mercury poisoning is becoming an increasing problem.

Sources of Pollution

Large factories and plants such as Duke Power are creating problems for local areas. The excess products are being dumped into the environment and creating problems for urban families.

How it effects you?

After mercury is released into the air it is deposited into soil and water which can transform it into a more toxic form of mercury like methyl mercury. The pollution runs off into local streams and rivers and is absorbed into the groundwater. When mercury is in the rivers it travels up the food web into the fish that we eat. Small amounts don't hurt us but in abundance it can become a health problem. Do you think your tap water is safe? In certain areas mercury is able to travel through water processing plants unnoticed and is distributed straight to you in your tap water.
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Is it effecting you?

Symptoms of mercury poisoning can include...

  • insomnia
  • headaches (see picture 1)
  • muscle twitching/tremors
  • weakness (see picture 2)
  • muscle atrophy
  • decreased cognitive function & growth

The higher amounts of mercury you are exposed to the more severe your symptoms can become.

How can you prevent exposure?

Before you buy your local fish do some research and see whether or not mercury has become an issue in your area. If so, buy your fish from more commercial brands. Also, you can attach filters to your tap water to remove mercury and make it safe to drink.