New President NEEDED!

By: Suhhel Mokhtarzadeh


To be THE president you must be:

1. 35 or older

2. Born in the U.S.

3. Have lived in the U.S. for at least 14 years

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Duties As The President!

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Chief Executive

  • The president is in charge of 15 cabinet departments.

Executive Order

  • rule/command that has force of the law and doesn't need to be approved by the congress

Chief Diplomat

  • president directs foreign policy

Executive Agreement

  • agreement with foreign leaders that aren't approved by congress


  • president is in charge of all military
  • only president can order American Soldiers into battle

Legislative Leader

  • president must sign bills into laws (veto power)
  • president has legislative program *legislative agenda is given to congress in the Annual State Of Union Address
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Head of State

Ceremonial Role

  • represents Americans at special occasions and ceremonies
  • president acts as living symbol of U.S.

Party Leader

  • president is viewed as his/her political party
  • selects parties national chairperson

Economic Leader

  • Presidents goal is to help the country and economy prosper
  • president deals with several economic issues
  • plans the federal governments budget every year
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Compensation and Benifits

  • Makes 400,000 dollars a year
  • has extra money for expenses and travel
  • has use of Camp David
  • has fleet of special cars, helicopters, and airplanes
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