Can you Conquer Mt. Everest

Only with Peak Experience

Economic impacts on Everest

Economics on Everest

The economic impacts on Everest are crazy sun-jo summited and he is famous. Also the youngest to summit was Jorden Amara he is famous to the economics on Everest. The tourism on Everest is huge because millions of Sherpa’s and other try and attempted but not a lot came back.

That is what I think about what the economic impacts on Mount Everest.

Preparation on Everest

Preparation for Climbing Mt. Everest

The preparation for climbing Mt. Everest is very difficult because you are tested through the worst physical and mantel training. This training is weeks and weeks of preparation and training for Everest. You have to be able to climb, running miles and miles, climbing up different mountains, lift weights a lot of weights and many more.

You also have to be willing to die on Mount Everest because once you pass camp four you’re on your own. That’s what I think about what the preparation for climbing Mt. Everest.

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Youngest Person Summit Everest

Youngest Person to Summit Everest

Sun-jo Sherpa has accomplished many things in his life including being the youngest person to summit Everest. As you don’t know Tibet is controlled by China most native people of Tibet have been arrested or killed ignoring the Chinese government Sun-jo, his mom and his two sisters barely made to Nepal to escape the Chinese government. Years later Sun-Jo and his grandpa Zola use Fake papers to get into Tibet in Tibet you ca climb at any age but on the Nepal side you must be 16 or older to climb.

Sun-jo and Zopa risked their lives try for the Summit of Mt. Everest. The first couple times he tried for ABC he was struggling but over time he improved. When we went up to camp 3 that is when we ran into Captain Sheik. To get to Camp four Sun-jo had to ride under a yak to get up them unseen. He founded a way to get down to base camp undetced . the went up the Nepal side undected to make a summit attempt over the course of the days and weeks Sun-jo conquered the Summit and become the youngest person to Summit Everest.

Peaks biography

Peaks biography

His name is peak his mom and dad where the best of the best when it came to climbing mountains so he decided to carry on the family tradition but not quite so he started to climb sky scrapers and he was amazing at it. He was so good other people other people decided to climb sky scrapers like him and you know what happened all the people that tried died.