Atomic Bombs

Alexia Kandziora

What I did my Project on

I did My project on the atomic bomb. It is a deadly, but useful, effect to it. This bomb was used to blow up a city because Truman wanted Japaneses people and the government to surrender. As Truman predicted, the Japanese did not. They blew up the city two times. This atomic bomb made a dramatic impact on the war ending. Might not have been the best idea. but soonly after Japan surrendered. This bomb would make a positive and negative impact on our world.

What I Learned

The atomic bomb was a huge point in history. It started on the 6th of August, 1945. The US wanted the war to end between the Allies and Japan. They wanted Japan' people and goverment to surreneder, but Japan always refused and kept fighting. Truman, who helped make the decision on dropping the bomb, was not going to surrender either so he had scientists make the atomic bomb. The atomic bomb is a bomb that derives its destructive power from the rapid release of nuclear energy by fission of heavy atomic nuclei, causing damage through heat, blast, and radioactivity. It would kill anyone near it or about (at least) 1 mile away. On August 6th, an American planes dropped it in one of Japan's islands, Hiroshima. Around 70,000 people were killed and many hurt. Everyone who survived was badly injured. Some people said their skin was bubbling because of the burns. Also, people were saying that they could see how some people disintegrated on the sidewalk or on the side of a building, depending how close they were to where the bomb landed. Even the survivors died after days went on from not only from their injuries, but also from the radiation. That is not the only atomic bomb they dropped. Even after the first bomb, the Japanese did not surrender. The Soviet Union declared war with Japan. After one day of that war, the US dropped another atomic bomb on Nagasaki island. Once again, many died and injured. After the second bombing, Japan surrendered and so did many other countries. After 5 years of fighting in World War II, that horrific war was finally over.

My Reaction

My reaction to the atomic bomb was that I was supper scared. When my teacher was telling me about the atomic bomb, my heart started to race because I never wanted that to happen to my country. That would have been so scary and I bet that felt like torture to them. They were not allowed to surrender to the US because the Japanese government did not want all the other countries to think they were week. Many family's, friends, pets, homes, and so much more were destroyed. I would can not imagine how bad that must have been. That was my reaction to not only the atomic bomb, but also World War II.


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