4th grade Newsletter


Upcoming Events

  • NeSA reading tests for fourth grade March 25th and 26th
  • Fourth Grade Field Trip to the Symphony March 30th
  • Growth and Development video ("The Video") April 4th
  • NeSA Math tests April 9th and 10th

Homework Honor Roll

These students have been doing their absolute fourth grade best by turning almost all if not all of their homework and deserved to be recognized! They will receive certificates at the next Beattie Pride assembly on March 31st!

Mrs. Heckman: Aidan Cotter, Dayton Daley, Piper Floro, Autumn Geier, Alexa Gobel, Lillyanne Herbel, Trayton Marshall, Kendall Poessnecker, Wyatt Schnase, Sofya White

Mr. Kreifels: Andrew Croner, Justin DeVoogd, Tiegan Gunning, Ian Jewett, Ava Pickrel, Kennah Pitts, Monte Schneider, Aniya Seymore, Jackson White

Ms. Murphy: Alex Hicken, Ella Fundus, Cadie Bonneau, Adisyn Marsh, Molly Klausen, Sam Koebernick, Jacob Hicks, Kyra Jewett, Corinne Taylor, Angel Osorio Cantoran, Chloe Weber, Clayton Sim

Science Fair

The 4th grade science fair was a huge success! Lots of future scientists captivated us with their experiments and observations covering a wide array of scientific areas! From showing us how a volcano explodes to walking us through how nuclear fission occurs. These fourth graders will rock the fifth grade science fair next year!

Growth and Development Video April 4th.

Coming up for our fourth graders is "The Video" as it has become known. This is where 4th graders learn more about the growth and development of their bodies. As always, parents are more than welcome to come and watch the video with their child as well as view the video before their child. If you wish for your child to not view the video please inform your students teacher so other arrangements can be made.

4th Grade Science Fair Pictures!

Mrs. Heckman Guided Reading Class Writes to President Obama

During guided reading, one of the groups read about how children had written to presidents in the past and how the presidents has responded to their letters. The class decided to write their own letters to President Obama. Students wrote on a variety of topics including bullying and school lunches. The letters were sent off to the address of the White House. Recently, President Obama responded with pictures, an information sheet of questions and answers students frequently ask and a letter to the students with the official US seal. Students were thrilled that their letters were responded to.
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