Stressing Out

by: Katie Kump

The Definition of Stress

A state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances

Examples of Teen Sress Today

  1. Homework/Schoolwork
  2. Parents/family
  3. Social life/friends
  4. Time/ management
  5. Sports
  6. work/jobs

Some Pictures of stress

Good Ways to deal with Stress

1. listen to music

2. Exercise (run it out)

3. call some friends and talk

4. Sleep on it (take a nap)

5. talk yourself through it

6. Take deep breaths and relax

7. Eat something you love

8. be mindful (yoga or let your mind go)

9. Laughing (make it humorous)

10. Drink something hot

!0 Negative ways to deal with Stress

  1. Smoking
  2. Drinking
  3. Overeating/Stress eating
  4. Zoning out in front of an electronic for hours
  5. Withdraw from friends (Isolation)
  6. Drugs
  7. Sleeping to much
  8. Procrastinating
  9. Making yourself busy to avoid it
  10. taking it out on others (angry outbursts)

!0 ways Stress can effect you

  1. Makes it more difficult to control your emotions
  2. Create or bring out diseases
  3. Affect your love life
  4. Ruin you teeth
  5. Can cause weight gain
  6. Make you look beyond your years
  7. Can weaken your immune system
  8. Give you heart Problems
  9. isolating yourself out of society
  10. Creates nervous habits

4 statistics about stress

  • 48% deal with their stress in negative ways
  • 54% fight mentally, verbally and physically with friends and others
  • 59% have anger with stress
  • 35% cry about it

4 Facts about Stress

  • 97% have stress through out all their life
  • Chewing gum helps with stress
  • Can cause blood vessels to close
  • Chances of strong heart pains