Electrostatic Speakers

By: Matt Richardson

Electrostatic Speakers

The worlds speakers, Electrostatic speakers are around us everywhere. Electrostatic speakers are the speakers around us playing our music and projecting sound.

How Electrostatic Speakers Work

The Electrostatic speakers are made from three sheets of metal. There is two differently charged sheets on either side of a middle sheet. The middle sheet is called a diaphragm. The two sheets on the outside of the diaphragm are either negatively charged or positively charged. The diaphragm is also positively charged. When music is started to be played the charges on the two outer sheets change and the diaphragm is pushed and pulled and very high speeds amplifying the sound. This creates a louder sound also enhancing the sound.

How Electrostatic Speakers are made

The speakers are made by a ultra thin light film placed in between two stators made of steel. Essentially the diaphragm the ultra light film is sandwiched in between the stators which make the sound
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