Lineville 6th Grade Technology

by- Alexys hovde

Typing web

We do five minutes of typing before every class. For the first semester we needed to get done with the intermediate coerce. But if you want you can go above that you can. some people go past intermediate the first quarter. This is the link to the website if you want to check it out.

Haiku Deck

Then we did a project in the app Haiku Deck. This project is about your dream job. You have to look up information about the job. Then after you make it in to a presentation you have to present it to the class.

Career Locker

Career Locker is a unit that we do with Mrs. Vandenboogaard. For that unit you had to look up your dream job and take notes about it. Then you had to make a presentation about it to show the class.


I liked the iTrailer because you get to pick out your own topic. The protect is about any thing you want and you get about 2 weeks to finish it. Your not aloud to take pictures of the inter net you need to take them yourself. The project is done in iMovie but instead of the movie you do the trailer.

Explain Everything

Explain Everything is an app that we used on our iPads. We had been given a math problem there were hard ones and easy ones. With that math problem we had to explain how you would salve it. The thing is that we to record our voices explaining how to solve it. There had to be at least 3 pictures too.


For coding you have to get through stage 3. You can do more if you want to get a 4. You get time to do it during class sometimes.