Malcolm X

Biography By : Jose Pina

Basic Information

Was against racism

Learned about African American Civil Rights

Wanted black and whites to stop fighting

went to prison for 6 six years

Impact on society

Hated Black and White fighting and killing each other

stoped racism but was killed at the the time

Early childhood

Born on 19 1925

Dad was killed when Malcom was a child

Malcom was sent to a juvenile

Mom was sent to a mentle hospital


Worked at the Nation Of Islam

Went Against Black And White fighting and killing each other

Basic Information

Was a bad boy at a young age went to

prison stayed there for 6 years and started

learning and reading books that made him learn

Changed his life by turning to a good boy and make him what he is right now

Was killed/assassinated at age 39

Why I chose this person

I chose this person because he was against racism and he did alot of bad things of bad

things but he went to prison for about 6 years and it chaged his life thats why he became

a nice person and went against racism but got killed because he did?

Interesting Facts

Was against racism

Did not like white & Black people fighting each other

Was killed by an assassination

Died at age 39

Assassination is in the right

Why I chose this Person


He was against racism

tried to finish racism


did not like black and white people killing or fighting each other

wanted to stop racism


Malcolm had a bad childhood dad was killed mom was sent to a mantle hospital

Malcolm was sent to a juvenile till he was older


Malcolm got accepted to work at Nation of Islam

worked their and got protected by people


Malcolm was killed at a speech wen one of the brothers of his wife

killed him with 2 shots and several other shots wife brother was arrested


All his family went to his funeral there was a lot of people that went


A lot of people still remember him as Malcolm little