by Jasmine Shirazi


- Commonly found in Australia

- Live in woodland areas

-Live in eucalyptus trees

-Don't go on the ground much (KP)


-Have powerful arms and claws to help them climb

-Have powerful noses to help them smell if their food is okay

-Have a strong stomach that is capable of removing toxins from eucalyptus leaves (KB)

Food Chain

-Common predators are wild dogs, dingoes, and foxes

-Baby koalas are vulnerable to birds of prey and snakes

- Koalas are also vulnerable to humans

-Koalas feed on eucalyptus leaves (PH)

Reasons For Endangerment

-People have been clearing the habitat where the koala lives

- People have been hunting them for their fur

-Increased building of roads makes it difficult to get from one side to another and if they attempt, they get killed by cars (WIK)

Critical Information

-They have built special roads to help koalas reach feeding grounds

-They are protected by the law

-It is illegal to hunt them

-You have to keep domestic pets such as dogs controlled so they can not go hunt koalas (WIK)