The Golden Age

History Of Greece

Golden Age

the'' Golden Age'' of Greece, from 500 to 300 B.C, has given us great monuments, art, philosophy, architecture and literature which are basically the building blocks that helped create our own civilization that we live in here today. this term comes from greek mythology and it basically is being refered to the ages of man. it mainly indicates a time of peace, stability and prosperity.

Greece Expands

the golden age of Greece wasn't limited to one area only, since they had mountainous terrain it developed into multiple but small city states. there were two main city states that everyone knows mostly about is Sparta, Athens. but there are a few more, Argos, Megara and Corinth. all of these city states had multiple things in common. they all speak the same language, they all believed in the same gods and finally they all were very loyal to their city state.

Why Those People Were Important

all three of these men were philosophers in ancient Greece. they also played important roles to the people. 1) Socrates was important because he is considered by many the founder of western philosophy. 2) plato played an important role because he founded the academy in Athens. 3) aristole role in society was the teacher to Alexander the great. that's how those men played an important role in society.

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