March Newsletter

Mrs. Clemen's Life Skills Classroom


There was a Dance/Activity on Friday, March 7th. Colin and Anselina attended the dance. They had fun. There were a lot of activities to choose from. There was music to dance to, a connect four tournament, 3-on-3 basketball tournament, face painting, and karaoke. There was something for everyone! There will be one last chance to attend a Jefferson Dance this school year. It will be on Friday, May 9th. We hope to see everyone there!

by: Colin

News-2-You Topics

Current events are on News-2-You. They are on our iPads that we use at school. We get a new one each week. They are very interesting to read, we enjoy them very much. Some of news – 2 – you articles are about things that are or have happened during the different months. Lots of them have a recipe for the month relating to the news articles. Our News-2-You has a library of different topics. Read Across America was the first topic this month, it was about Dr. Seuss. The recipe was Green Eggs and Ham. Another topic we covered was We Day. We Day is about helping kids around the world. The recipe we made with this lesson was Promise Pie. Ted prize was another article. It was about a conference where people share ideas to solve a problem. The person with the best idea wins one million dollars. The recipe was Prize Pops. They were good.

By: Andres

Gym Class

We have P.E. every other day. Its always on Day A. We run, play volley ball, play kickball and catch.

By: Anselina

Grant Vogt Baseball Event

This week I sent home a paper about an event coming up that your student can attend. It is the 2nd year that they are having practices and a game for our students. See the flyer for details and return with your child if they will be attending the practices, or the game, or both.

By: Mrs. Clemen

Fiddler on the Roof

Jefferson Musical

Every year Jefferson Middle School presents a play. Students can choose to try out for a part on stage, in the choir, or part of the crew. They practice after school for a few months. This year they will present "Fiddler on the Roof". There will be four performances for the public to attend: April 24th, 25th, and 26th all starting at 7:00 pm, and April 27th at 2:00 pm. Tickets are available at the school office or at the door for $5.00. This year we have one 7th grader from our Life Skills program in the musical. We are excited to see this performance. All Jefferson students and staff will be able to see the performance on Monday, April 28th during school.

By: Mrs. Clemen

Recipe of the Month

Green Eggs and Ham


2 T. chopped onions

1 C. fresh spinach

1/4 C. milk

10 eggs

2 T. butter

1/4 C. diced ham


1. Put onions, spinach and milk into blender.

2. Put lid onto blender. Blend until smooth.

3. Crack each egg into bowl.

4. Pour each egg into blender.

5. Put lid onto blender. Blend 30 seconds.

6. Put butter in skillet. Melt on medium heat.

7. Put ham into skillet. Stir.

8. Pour egg mixture into skillet. Stir.

9. Cook on medium heat. Stir eggs often until fluffy and cooked.

10. Eat.

Class Roller Skating Party!

Michaela Ward, a 7th grader in our class, won a class roller skating party!

Where: Skate Country

Date: Saturday, April 19th

Time: 10 am- Noon

Cost: Free Admission! Just need to rent skates unless you have your own.

Note: This is not a school sponsored event, so your child will need transportation to and from this event.

Upcoming Events: Check out our busy month!

April 9th: Community Mobility to Target

April 10th: Spring Reading MAP test

April 12th: Special Olympics Track and Field event

April 16th: Community Mobility to Kennedy Mall

April 17th: Spring Math MAP test

April 18th: No School

April 19th: Skate Country Party 10 am- Noon

April 23rd: Community Mobility to Hy-Vee

April 23rd: Grant Vogt Memorial Baseball practice 5:30 pm

April 25th: 8th grade field trip to Grand River Center

April 30th: Early Dismissal

April 30th: Grant Vogt Memorial Baseball practice 5:30 pm

May 3rd: Grant Vogt Memorial Baseball game at 11:00 am!