for children

Checking an injured or ill child/infant

Check for responsiveness

Call 9-1-1

Open Airway

Check for breathing

Blow in mouth for 1 second while sealing infants and child's mouth and nose

Conscious choking

Give 5 back blows

5 abdominal thrusts

Repeat until object is forced out or child can breathe

Unconscious Choking-Child and Infant

Give rescue breath
Give chest compressions
Look for and remove object if seen
Give 2 rescue breaths
Make sure chest rises

CPR-Child and Infant

Give 30 chest compressions
Give 2 rescue breaths
Do not stop, continue steps 1 and 2

AED-Child and Infant

Turn on AED
Wipe bare chest dry
Attach pads
Plug in connector, if necessary
Stand clear
Analyze heart rhythm
Deliver shock
Perform CPR

Control External Bleeding

Cover the wound
Apply direct pressure until bleeding stops
Cover the dressing with bandage
Apply more pressure and call 9-1-1


Remove from source of burn
Cool the burn
Cover loosely with sterile dressing
Call 9-1-1
Care for shock


Call 9-1-1 or poison control hotline
Provide care


Call or have someone call 9-1-1
Remove nearby objects
Do not hold or restrain child or infant
After seizure passes monitor breathing
Comfort and provide care