My goal in 2014

Today let me show you my goal in 2014.
I have three goals.

1. I want to find what I really want to do!

This is because I regret that I passed my time without particular goals after the entrance exam.

Before it, entering TUFS was my goal for a long time.

I felt aimless life was boring, so I want to set a clear goal and find a field where I'm interested in or I can make the most of my abilities.

If I have a clear goal, I'm sure to be able to lead a full life and I'm satisfied even if I'm busy.

2. I want to be a woman of action!

This is beacause I think I lack aggressiveness.

It is true that cooperativeness and flexibility are important in society, but aggressiveness is also needed.

I want to be able to say my opinion confidently.

And I want to be more curious and try to do something new.

3. I want to keep on smiling!

This is because I want to be a woman who make the hearts of the people around me warm.

I always try to welcome customers with a smile and sometimes I'm praised for my smile by them when I work part-time at a cafe.

If you have contact with or talk to someone with a smile, he surely gives you a smile, I think.

As the proverb says, Laughter brings happiness!