Design Cycle

MYP Technology


The Design Cycle as it applies to MYP Music Technology is a set of integrated procedures that lead to the goal of successful project completion.

It is described in many places on the internet and off, yet is difficult for many to get their head around because it can be rather dry and unapproachable until students acquire greater experience with both its procedures and its benefits

Criterion A: Investigate

Investigation is an essential stage in the design cycle. You are expected to identify the problem, develop a design brief and formulate a design specification. You are expected to acknowledge the sources of information (research) and document these appropriately.

Criterion B: Design

You are expected to generate several feasible designs that meet the design specification and to evaluate these against the design specification

Criterion C: Plan

You are expected to construct a plan to create your chosen product/solution that has a series of logical steps, and that makes effective use of resources and time

Criterion E: Evaluate

You are expected to evaluate the product/solution against the design specification in an objective manner based on testing, and to evaluate its impact on life, society and/or the environment. You are expected to explain how the product/solution could be improved as a result of these evaluations

Criterion D: Create

You are expected to document, with a series of photographs or a video and a dated record, the process of making your product/solution, including when and how you use tools, materials and techniques. You are expected to follow your plan, to evaluate your plan and to justify any changes you make to the plan while you are creating the product/solution.