Thomas A Greaney

Human Resource Professional

Remaining Active

Thomas A. Greaney is not one to sit around the house and do nothing. When he's not working hard as a Human Resource executive, Thomas can be found engaging in community service projects in his hometown of Hoboken, New Jersey. He also enjoys getting out and going on a long run or jumping into the pool to swim some laps during his time off from work.

Qualities to Look for in a Human Resource Professional

Human Resource professionals are an important part of any organization. They are charged with managing employee relations within the organization, developing the talent and management of the organization, and maintaining employee benefits along with some other tasks. To be successful in the role of a Human Resource professional, there are some qualities that one must possess.

Human Resource professionals must always be aware of the commercial or organizations purpose. When they understand the mission of the company, they can create the right team of employees and management to execute the organizations mission. To make sure the team will continue to operate proficiently, the human resource professional must have the desire to develop the individuals of the team and help guide them to reach their greatest potential. They need to have the ability to motivate these employees in order help them succeed.

Finally, a human resource professional must be a strong leader. They must have the courage to make the difficult decisions when they are right for the organization. They also must be able to own up to mistakes when those decisions don't turn out to be the best for the company. Thomas A. Greaney, a Human Resource Professional for over 20-years, has held some high-ranking positions with several Fortune 500 companies. His work ethic and ability to understand and communicate with the different levels of management and has found success because he has all of these qualities and practices them with excellence.

Human Resources and Social Media

For the first several years, social media was always seen as a way to keep in touch with people in your life and to let them know what was going on in your world. In more recent years, Human Resource professionals have started to use social media as a practical tool for their profession.

Human Resource professionals are now able to use social media platforms like LinkedIn as a recruiting tool to try to attract more candidates for open positions within their organizations. They can post advertisements about open positions and search through their list of connections to try to find qualified candidates to fill open positions. HR professionals are also able to use sites like Facebook to look at potential candidates to see if they would fit into the corporate culture.

As the marketing and public relation departments in an organization, human resource professionals are still learning what social media tools are available to them. They are also beginning to discover how they can leverage these tools in the workplace. Knowing that social media isn't going to go away, Human Resource professionals are being challenged to find a cohesive and effective way to integrate the use of social media at every level of their organization, which isn't an easy task.

Thomas A. Greaney, a highly regarded human resource professional from Hoboken, New Jersey has seen how utilizing social media can dramatically change the position of the Human Resources department. He knows that to accomplish any goal, Human Resource professionals have to think outside the box from time to time, and social media has given them the best way of doing that.

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Human Resource Professionals – What Do They Do?

Anyone that has held a job has probably had at least a minimal amount of contact with his or her companies HR department. Before starting your first shift you were probably greeted by a smiling employee that went over the rules and regulations of the company, and had you fill out a stack of legal papers including an I-9 and W-4 for the IRS. What you don't know about that employee, is that they have a whole host of duties that they complete behind the scenes to help make your time at the organization a little better.

Human Resource professionals are representatives of the company that ensures the management and employees have clear and healthy business relationships. They are tasked with organizing, planning, and directing the HR department and oversee high-level policies with in the organization.

The HR executive of a company has to identify all current and future staffing needs and recruit the necessary candidates to fill open positions. During the recruitment process, they must be able to advise all of the job candidates of the qualifications that are needed to fulfill the duties of the position and the conditions of employment with the company.

When the HR professional isn't working to fill open positions within the company, they are developing and implementing policies about labor relations. They must continue to evaluate the policies and advise managers and employees about any changes that may occur. Thomas A. Greaney, a talented and well-respected Human Resource professional believes that the best HR professionals are those that can understand the needs of the individuals and help them to succeed.

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