Enders Game

Article By: Keillor Holland

Why you should read Enders Game

Enders game is a novel written by author Orson Scott Card, that consistently shows the concept of how everything in life is just a game. It tells a story of a heroic young boy, who saves the world. The book has received critical acclaim and has been a very popular read among people lately, so if everyone is reading this then so should you!
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Recently First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama endorsed this book, saying it was a must read and that it was now one of her favorite books. She also gave it 5 stars citing that it was artistic genius.
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Orson Scott Card, delivers a fantastic novel about a futuristic world that consists of all the same countries that exist today, but they have to fight against an alien world that they call buggers. The name of the main protagonist is Ender WIggin, a young boy who goes to a battle school and learns how to be a commander, so he can lead the humans into battle. The novel really tells a fantastic story and is a must read among people of all ages all over the world.