What Happened After The Holocaust

By: Kyle A. & Joshua A.

Identify how the war effected the Americans economy.

The Americans were not focused on helping during the Holocaust yet (no intentions).t

All the trouble with Jews in Europe was unmentioned to the Americans until days/weeks/months later, and all was changing half a century after World War II and money was badly decreasing.

Describe what happened after to the Jews after they were let from the concentration camps.

Many survivors longed for home towns, but not all were rushing to get home. Many of the people who wanted to be home, found out they could not go. The holocaust had been stopped, but the Polish & Russian Anti-Semitic groups were hunting down and killing all the Jews they could find.
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  • These are the Jews that are participating in the Concentration Camps Hitler's is running

Tell me how the person caused what happened after the Holocaust

Not all the Jews were murdered during the Holocaust. Most of the Jews during the war were searching for a new life because Hitler wanted the Jews to suffer, be executed, and to be captured.

Some Jews didn't want to return home after the war and over 100,000 Jews came to the U.S. instead of going back home.


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