People of America

Thomas Hooker, William Penn, and Montesquieu

The Start

We will be talking about the people who helped found this country as well as influence it to make it better.we will be talking about Thomas hooker, William Penn, Montesquieu.These 3 people will help mold this nation into something even better.

Thomas Hooker

Hooker was born on July 7th, 1586 and died on July 7th, 1647. He came from England, but moved to Massachusetts and then Connecticut. He had a son, Samuel Hooker, who was a preacher like himself. Hooker believed in universal Christian suffrage. He thought churches should be independent. He was a preacher and founder of Connecticut. He also strongly influenced the Fundamental Order of Connecticut which help shaped the aspects of the constitution.

William Penn

William Penn was born on march 14, 1644. His father Sir William Penn was great friends with the king. He was born in England,thus he was loyal to the Church. Later when he was visiting one of his relatives in Ireland he was first introduced to Quakerism. He liked the religion but not enough to convert.His father was worried about it and sent him to oxford to get his mind off of things.It failed and actually inspired him about it. He was arrested many times and wrote a book called "No Cross No Crown" about religious freedom.He made a deal with the king that he would settle land for religious freedom.The king agreed and Pennsylvania was born.He died on July 30, 1718.

Charles de Montesquieu

Charles de Montesquieu was born in January 18,1689, near Bordeaux, France. He was a french jurist philosopher councillor(and later its president) or the parliament of bordeaux.In 1721, he published his first book Lettres Persanes, which used 2 fictional Persian travels that make fun of the french government.His greatest work The Spirit of Laws, talks about 3 different governments: republic, monarchy, and despotism. The Spirit of Laws influence the making of France's Declaration of The Rights of Man and the U.S Constiution.


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