Sandra Lee

Entrepreneur Chef

About Sandra:

Sandra Lee was born in Santa Monica, California on July, 3rd, 1966. She is married to Andrew Cuomo and they have three daughters.

She went to high school in Onalaska, Wisconsin, and later attended the University of Wisconsin after she graduated. She left college her junior year to be near her family in Malibu, California, and later attended Le Cordon Bleu in Ottawa, Canada. She then came up with a widget called the Kurtain Kraft. Lee then became a spokesperson for KB Home. She starred in infomercials and eventually raked in $20 million dollars worth of sales. She does not own any restaurant businesses. Lee has written 25 books in her lifetime, all of which have to do with cooking, and starred in two cooking shows.

Awards and Nominations

Sandra has only received one award in her life. She won the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Lifestyle/Culinary host. She was also nominated for a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Achievement in Hairstyling.