5 Types of Drugs

By: Christian Mefford

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Advil is an example of a narcotic. Narcotics are drugs that dulls the senses and relieves pain, but some narcotics are illegal, like cocaine and PCP.Narcotics can cause nausea,addiction, and death.
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PCP or Angel Dust, is an hallucinogen.A hallucinogen a drug that can cause you to see things and hear things that aren't there. Hallucinogens can cause Dehydration, addiction, and death.
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Glue can be used as an inhalant, when inhaled, glue can cause light-headedness, dizziness, and nose bleeds
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A tranquilizer is a depressant, a type of drug that slows down the central nervous system. they can cause mood swings, addiction, and death
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Coffee is a stimulant because it has caffeine in it. A stimulant, when taken, will speed up your Central Nervous System. A stimulant can cause addiction, excitement, and death.