What makes an individual,your true identity in reality

What is Individuality?

Individuality is when you are different between others you express your true inner self

wether or not many others don't believe in what you believe deep in heart through your appearance, style and performing in your true identity.

In modern society many people especially students are peer pressured by the surroundings of the environment around them,they are only looking at what millions of those are looking up to,instead of what they think oneself of who they are in heart finding and exploring about where you belong to.

Although there are many of those who decide to pursuit what they think others will like through their popularity,opinions and acts and pretending to be likely to give support in what they do so they can be what they think is 'true' with millions of those yet refusing to be their true inner self without innocence, happiness and the true reality in themselves.

So forget about those fashion trends 2015! Throw away those converse shoes! Show others who you are deep inside. Be one of the unique one's in your true reality,forget about what millions of those are doing,think in mind who are you it doesn't matter as you feel happy and comfortable about it!

Therefore in my opinion,I am determined to be encouraging students at DC to each be an individual, because firstly as a student like I am, I understand the real life reality when it comes to maybe a new student coming to DC finding who to make friends with from a large group of others along with their own personality,opinion and style,it might seem hard to choose from among all,but I believe many others will certainly think about popularity in the school,and referring to popularity that is mainly when people have been influenced by others into being who they are not,they will not find it enjoying while doing this and is not truthfully understanding who they really are,meanwhile a little group of others who may not seem to have a lot of contribution towards others,but are enjoying themselves in life doing what they want to do as well as with the recognition of others in themselves,you might think they are so silly but when others are being peer pressured by what they don't want to do,they are the ones who are having some more fun as a special individual student!