I Ball, You Fall Country


1. Never throw a basketball away.

2. Sleep with a basketball every night.

3. Only eat basketball (circular) shaped food. (Apples, oranges, etc.)

4. Never play any sport except basketball.

5. Pray to the basketball 8 times a day.

6. Never use the word "basketball" in vain.

7. practice basketball at least 3 hours a day.

National Food

Pickle Juice is the national food of IBYF. It helps you get rid of your cramps during basketball games, and keeps you in the game.

Capital City

The capital of IBYF is LeBron. LeBron is a city dedicated to the great LeBron James. LeBron has many Lifetime Fitnesses and street ball courts. The capital building is the NBA Hall Of Fame, where the greatest basketball legends run the country.


The population of IBYF is 233,233 and the population consist of all basketball players.