The Global Thermometer

Chris Kahl 3rd hour

All over the world temperatures are rising. You may not feel it because it happens very slowly, 1.5 degrees every 50 years to be exact. This causes many different issues that added up could potentially be devastating.

============Present Day Efects============

The water in our oceans absorbs 80% of the heat, which causes the water molecules to expand causing rising water levels. Rising water levels causes more intense and unpredictable storms, and just more in general. All over the world we have been receiving more intense and longer droughts, causing famine and increase in death rate. The tropics have also received more cyclones. (EPA 2012)

=========Temperature Changes and Theories=========

In Rome from 200bc to 600ad the average temperature rose about 8 degrees. From 600 to 950ad the earth was cooler with irregular whether.From 950 to 1300 the temperature rose more than 10 degrees. From 1300 to 1850 the planet went into a mini ice age, with very low temperatures and irregular whether. Some people say that with this data that the earth goes through heating and cooling periods. Others say that we,( as in the whole world) are polluting the earth too much causing the ozone layer to dissolve and disappear. I think that the heating/cooling periods are what is happening but we are speeding it up by polluting so much.

(Mary E williams 2006)

===============Past Effects================

In England during the 16th and 17th century famine sin due to lack of crops and particularly high temperatures and droughts. England's population decreased 1 million people in 200 years. In the Indian subcontinent the population decreased 16 million people in the same amount of time due to the same problems.

(Mary E Williams 2006)

============Personal Solutions============

What you can do to help the rising temperature on our planet are small thing that don't take a lot of effort like not driving your car as much, riding your bike, walking, not littering, recycling, that kind of stuff.

=============Global solutions=============

But we are not the largest polluters here, the global companies and countries ave to be willing to help as well. The companies have to stop burning and using so much fossil fuel, use better energy sources, have air filters in your gas pillars. The countries have to reinforce the laws that they place down for polluting no matter how small, people have to realize that this is a big problem So help the planet, the home of millions of species of animals, and us, help your home last a little longer.

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