George washington

by lance miller


Washington was born on February 22 1932 and died on December 14 1799 he was the first president of the united states of america. he also lost all his teeth and he was a great general for the colonial army. he was looked up to by everyone around because he was fair at all-times.

disease - epiglottitis

epiglottis-an infection on the flap of skin at the back of the tongue that protects the windpipe. The doctors tried everything they could but it made it worse like starving Washington and bleeding him till he had not enough blood to keep him alive.

how is the disease treated today?

today, a simple dose of antibiotics would have saved him. but unfortunately they did not have the technology to save him. there are medicines like morphine to numb the pain and antibiotics to get rid of the pain.

significance - first president

George Washington was significant because he was the first president of the united states of america. he was offered to be king but he denied it saying the country is to be ruled by the people.


medicine/technology included blister beetles, calome, tartar emetic. where medicines and technology for doctors at the time. there was no morphine to numb the pain. once the doctors where done with the treatments it still didnt work and he just waited to die.

interesting information about George Washington

Washington had dentures all his life. he was chief of the continental army. he had the disease for a while and doctors did what they could but at the end Washington just wanted to die to get rid of the pain.