Essential Web Tools

For Project-Based Learning

Sarah Ambeault


June 7, 2015

Melinda Medina


MindMeister, an online presentation tool has a variety “powerful features that let users collaborate and brainstorm online, plan projects, develop business strategies, create great presentations and utilize the enormous power of mind maps for their education” (MindMeister, 2015). The features MindMeister offers include:

  • Online version – accessible to everyone regardless of physical location
  • Free Mobile Apps - Android, iPad, iPhone
  • Collaboration - share mind maps; brainstorm in real-time, gain deeper knowledge, and greater understanding
  • Multi-Media – capability to include images, links, notes, files or videos
  • Publishing - make mind maps public, embed in a website, or blogs
  • Presentation Mode - quickly and easily create unique presentations
  • Task Management - assign tasks and track teammate progress in activity stream
  • Export Mind Maps - convert into Word documents or other formats

MindMeister supports an interactive learning community because it is a web tool that utilizes brainstorming as the most effective method of learning. Users “are able to mind map at school, at home, at the office and even on the go. Mind mapping with MindMeister is so simple and intuitive that anyone from first grader to CEO can use it to improve their productivity and turn their creative ideas into action”(MindMeister, 2015). Collaboration improves interactive group effectiveness and an optimal distance-learning experience.

MindMeister could be incorporated into a distance-learning classroom because it focuses more on collaborative thinking. It aids in the drafting of projects allowing an outlet for creativity, collaborative thinking, and sharing. MindMeister improves group communication by providing one meeting location online, which keeps everyone engaged and accountable.


Glogster, a social network used to create and share Glogs. A Glog is an interactive “poster” that is used to share graphics, media and videos. The features Glogster offers include:

  • Online version – paperless, iPad app
  • Create Glogs - Customizable installed templates, multimedia glogs, intuitive tools
  • Glogpedia Library – categorized library, content rich, reusable resources
  • Publishing - several options for sharing
  • Develop Presentation Skills – one page visual aid that contains media rich text, images, audio, video, etc.
  • Digital Storytelling – instantly share text, images, videos, audio

Glogster supports an interactive learning community by tool engaging students to share information and creating digital posters for the creative mindset with unlimited possibilities. Glogster presentations can be shared instantly…around the globe”(Glogster EDU, 2015). Collaboration improves interactive group involvement and an optimal distance-learning experience.

Glogster could be incorporated into a distance-learning classroom by allowing adult learners to use their experience to create projects specific to their unique interests. “Using Glogster, students engage creatively with knowledge and develop digital literacy skills while teachers save time and resources with a range of customizable templates and a paperless cloud solution not to mention several options for sharing finished work” (Glogster EDU, 2015). Adult learners can collaborate and create together without having to be in the same physical setting.


TutorsClass, an online tutoring tool has a variety of features to create a virtual classroom. The features TutorsClass offers include:

  • Teach Remotely – online tutoring in a virtual classroom, live chat, file upload
  • Student Audience – invite your own students, expand student audience
  • Lesson Payment – receive 100% student payment
  • Lesson Schedule tool – monitor lesson calendar, track lessons
  • Securing Billing – secure payments via Paypal
  • Online Tutor Profile – personal web-profile for web promotion
  • Student Monitoring Tool – manage all students on your account

  • Online Whiteboard – typing, drawing tools, Math formulas creation tool

TutorsClass supports an interactive learning community by “helping tutors and students to connect with each other for educational purposes, violating country borders and thousand-mile distances”(TutorsClass, 2014). There are a variety of communication methods including the personal “messaging system at or any other alternative off-site methods”(TutorsClass, 2014). Tutors can work one on one with Adult Learners and have them collaborate together to create an interactive learning experience.

TutorsClass could be incorporated into a distance-learning classroom because it enables online teachers to reach students all over the world. Tutors have the ability to “schedule lessons anytime day or night”(TutorsClass, 2014) based on learner needs. Individualized lesson plans can be developed based on prior learning assessment recognition. Tutors can develop resources and materials that can be shared and assessed using TutorsClass.



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