Wyatt Earp


Wyatt earp

made by Ramon rosario


Wyatt Barry Steep Earp or better known as Wyatt Earp had a reputation as a gun-fighting  marshal across the wild west. he was born march 19,1848, in illinois, united states monmouth.nationality was american or wihte he was notorious for his killing in 1881 at the o.k. corral intombston arizona of outlaws billy clanton and the mclowery brothers. Wyatt Earp was aided by two of his brothers and Doc holiday.he married urilla sutherland but less then a year later she died in childbirth along with her baby daughter. wyatt filled with anger roamed the west later he was arrested in indian territory for horse stealing and then spent the next couple of years farming in kansas. wyatt earp never used gun-fire to do his job untill july 26 1878 at three o'clockin the mornig a small group of cowboys began fireing their guns into the air bringing Wyatt and Jim materson on the run. then the two parties traded shots and as the cowhands tried to run off one young texan george hoy fell out of the sadle with a bullet in the arm and died for weeks later of infection.


1.Wyatt Erap was born march 19  1848 in illinois, united states, monmouth.2.wyatt earp married urilla sutherland in 18703. wyatt earp left the farm and went to work with his brother in wichita kansas in 18734. a canidate marshal makes remarkes