The Ungrateful Son

By: Tori Simonson


A son had a chicken ready to eat, then he saw his father coming so he hid the chicken. His dad came over and got a drink and then left. When the son was about to put the chicken back on the table, it turned into a frog. The frog then jumped onto his face. Whenever someone would try to remove it, it looked like it might inflict pain or venom onto the son. The son constantly had to feed the frog; if the frog wasn't fed then it would feed on the son's face. The son lived like this for the rest of his life.


I think that the theme to this short story is to never be selfish or greedy. There is a saying that states, “What goes around comes around”. I think that this goes along with the story well. The greedy son didn't want to share his food with his father so, in return he now has a frog on his face that can’t be removed. If he would have just shared some food with his father, even if he didn't want to, it would have been the nice thing to do. And then he might not have to have a frog attached to his face.


The ungrateful son is characterized as being greedy. And because of his greed, he now has an irremovable frog on his face that he has to feed daily. If he decides not to feed the frog, then it will eat his face.


The story takes place in the ungrateful son's house.


" looked venomously at him, as if it would jump in his face..."