Letter from Montag

Cassandra Morales

Dear citizens of 2016,

I come to you with information about the future. Twenty fifty will be the year of innovation and technology, you will be able to drive as fast on the highway as your heart desires (as long as it's at a speed higher than 90 mph.) There will be a source of transportation to wherever you want to go, there is no walking. Houses (somewhat) are fireproof and books are not allowed. If you suspect anyone has a book you will need to report this to any firemen as soon as possible. Their house will need to burned down immediately. No one is to be judged based on their knowledge, looks nor economic status. Books make the reader feel too bad about themselves, everyone is equal in this society. Books will no longer be a source of entertain, for now there are interactive televisions the size of walls. Finally, but most important there is a new police dog called the hound. This dog can track and kill any criminal, so be aware of the crimes you commit, because this dog will not stop until there's justice.


Guy Montag